About Us | Favor the Kind

Favor The Kind is a home, gift, and apparel boutique based in Dallas, Texas with additional locations in Houston, and Crested Butte, Colorado. We strive to spread the joy of the kind life by carrying homemade, sustainably produced apparel, gifts, and home items made by people and companies our customers can feel good about supporting.

"I remember my first day at The Gypsy Wagon (that was our old name) very well. I was excited, anxious, and bursting with hope.

When I opened the first store in 2007, I had no guarantees it was going to work, but I believed in my heart that it would.

This place has truly been fueled by dreams, starting with the cute little house on Bonita Avenue. One by one my team has grown, joining me with hard work, passion, and talent to chase this dream.

So, why are we hustling so hard? We are devoted to making Favor The Kind the most delightful place to shop and a gratifying place to work."

Carley Seale