About Us | ROAM Fine Goods

Owner Carley Seale first opened ROAM Fine Goods in Crested Butte, Colorado in 2015 as a response to customers requesting unique hostess gifts and fine jewelry as her other store, Favor the Kind.  When the opportunity called to open a shop in West Dallas, ROAM was moved to Preston Royal Shopping Center.  ROAM has become a full offering of home goods, gifts, and jewelry crafted by artisans around the world.  A third located opened in East Dallas in late 2023. 

"At ROAM, most items are small batch, created exclusively for us, are one-of-a-kind, or just plain hard to get," says Carley. "Those items, and the love that went into finding them, deserves special attention.  So, I am creating an entire store around them!"

Womens Apparel

The fashion brands sourced for ROAM includes tried and true staples from AGOLDE, Rails, Nation, and Mother.  We also consider the lifestyle of our customers to provide an elevated, but effortless style to take our customers through the events of their week.  Special pieces from Oliphant, Cleobella, Natalie, Martin, The Great, Trovata are perfect for work, mom life, hosting, date night, and of course... roaming around.

Vintage, Native and Handmade Fine Jewelry

ROAM Fine Goods presents wearable, everyday fine jewels, created by American artisans and designers. The ROAM collection is all the real deal: gold and platinum, diamond and gemstone, sterling and turquoise, vintage and new. Through her travels across the country scouting for new finds, Carley discovered a passion for Native American, artisan and vintage jewelry. The collection now includes many estate pieces with a common theme: diamonds, gold, and turquoise.